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You will not like this

you will not like this
So have you ever had an “a-ha moment”?

You know, those amazing epiphanies that boosted you to succeed when you were in a pickle?

It’s awesome how genius strikes at the most unexpected times.

Well, there’s something we here like to call an “oh-la-la moment”, and it follows the same idea, and more.

Check out the article below to find out more, and watch the video for some French that’ll really help you succeed!

(This week: the verb RÉUSSIR – to succeed)

Having any «Oh, là-là !» moment lately?

More or less often? Did you monitor to see when they come? Why they come?

What is an «Oh, là-là !» moment anyway?

An “A-ha!” moment is something we know – so i won’t bore you with that.

But an «Oh, là-là !» moment is one of those “A-ha!” moments that you never forget, “A-ha!” squared…

Like going to Paris for the first time.
Like having the first chocolate ice cream Bertillon.
Like when you went in Disneyland Paris.

But what happens when the «Oh, là-là !» moments don’t come? not even an “A-ha!” moment? Did you ever wonder where they go? Why don’t they come anymore?

First tip – and the most simple (and important) – is this.

(Are you ready to hear it?)
You are not going to believe it – maybe not even like it.
Ok, so you are ready? Good!

Here it is: you will have more “A-ha!” and «Oh, là-là !» moments if you complete the unfinished business you have right in front of you.

Do you have a lot of papers around your desk, in the drawer, at work?
That’s where your “A-ha!” moment is hiding.

Do you have budgets unfinished, taxes not reported, is the floor under the dog’s cage dirty, and you keep postponing to clean it?
There’s your «Oh, là-là !» moment hiding, right there!

Do me a favor.

Just look around where you are right now. Yes, right now, I’m not joking, I’ll give you 30 seconds to realize that I’m really watching. You don’t have to stand up, change your chair, not even go to the more messy room. Right now and right there, take a short tour around you with your eyes.

The first thing you see that it’s not in its place, pick it up and put it where it belongs.

That’s it!

Those unfinished things were pulling on your attention and your bandwidth was busy with making you feel guilty for not finishing them, finding excuses for why you don’t have time to finish them, and worrying if the moment came to finish them so you don’t be embarrassed by someone discovering them still unfinished. (Phew, that was a mouth full!)

When you picked up those receipts and put them in their drawer, you just made space for an “A-ha!” moment.

Now stand up. look around. do you see more things to put in their place? Then do it. Even more “A-ha!” moments will be on their way.

Now make 1 step.

Do you see something else in front of your eyes?

That’s the only thing you have to take care of: what is right in front of your eyes, and nothing else. But don’t postpone, don’t list it down, don’t talk yourself out of it.

Just do it when you see it.

You will be amazed to how many “A-ha!” and even «Oh, là-là !» moments will find their way into your life!

photo credit: A.G. Photographe

Do you want to learn how to have the discipline to create «Oh, là-là !» moments for yourself? Then join the Club «Oh, là-là !» — it happens only once a year, so make sure you secure your spot!

Now it is your turn!

Tell us in the comments below, what is your strategy to complete your unfinished business on a regular basis?

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22 comments to You will not like this

  • This is wonderful!! Now that the New Year is upon us (even though I strongly advice NOT to always wait UNTIL the New Year to get started with anything) it is a great opportunity to JUST DO IT… no excuses. Our lives are living themselves and if we are not engaged with our life we will miss out on everything worth living for.. that is what your post has reminded me of!
    victoria m. recently posted..How do you Measure success? Hint: Comparisionitis is NOT the answer!

  • Thanks Llayne for the reminder about the Aha moment ad how it can come. I find that when I postpone to do an activity-there is always this bugging in the back of my mind and I don’t feel settled within, until it is done. After that i feel ok. The reminder to clear unnecessary stuff is a huge one.
    Siphosith recently posted..4 Ways Motivation Can Make You Successful

  • My son was sleeping on the floor. I put him back in his bed. Not quite an A-Ha moment, but my son is more comfortable!
    Zach recently posted..Contract Elements: Consideration

  • This is amazing!

    Simply just start one thing and put it in the right place to finish it. Just putting it aside will not release the moments. You have to get persistent in getting things done, prior to moving forward. That is the hardest thing in our so called, busy lives.

    Making time to stand on execution of solid forward movement.

    Thank you for getting us to recognize things in front of us. I need to stay consistent with this one. I love being organized and find myself losing it sometimes. This will help me practice to keep it moving forward.
    William Earl Amis Jr III recently posted..Taking Time To Heal

    • Llyane

      It is the hardest, William, yes, because the entropy keeps reminding us that the universe is on the move in its way to expansion :)

      • Llyane, amazing and working.

        I have managed to get all things in one location and you were my motivation. I appreciate when people give usable information. That we readers can use right away. It is empowering me to walk others through the same three steps I took based on this article, empowering me.

        Just want to wish you Holiday Cheers!

        You are one of the newest contacts, of mine. I can not wait until after the holidays. Then, I am going to research all over your site and LinkedIn. I feel confident that my personal growth is just getting better, each day.
        William Earl Amis Jr III recently posted..Taking Time To Heal

        • Llyane

          It can only get better, William, it’s an investment that keeps growing :)
          Happy holidays and talk more!

  • Hi Llyane. I know that I function best when I have a clean, orderly environment. When things are in a state of disarray, I feel like my energy is zapped. So I can see how you connect ah-ha moments with a tidy environment!

    I hope to have more soon as I actually spent hours today cleaning out a room and putting donations together for items no longer needed. It felt great! Still got more to do, but I’m on my way. :)
    Karen Peltier recently posted..Make an Aromatherapeutic Body Scrub for a Homemade Holiday Gift

  • Llyane,

    My goal for December has been to clean up and reorganize my files, to download products I have bought that are sitting in an online folder, to clear out my emails and to set my intentions for 2015.

    And then….

    My computer gave me a warning “Hard Drive failing – Back up all your files. So, Windows actually assisted me in my intention. First I had to download all the files to save them. Then I uploaded many of them into my laptop. Next, the tech guy came to replace the hard drive. Now I am uploading files and downloading programs, some work, some don’t – may take 1 to 2 weeks to complete the tasks since I have lots of programs and files.

    There are books, ebooks, articles and projects waiting to be completed. And I am ready to find some assistance in 2015.


    Dr. Erica
    Dr. Erica Goodstone recently posted..Do You Know The Secret For Creating A Long Lasting Happy Relationship?

  • Okay llyane I’ll give it a try!

    because I’ve certainly got more than my fair share of clutter
    and unfinished business to take care of!

    I never thought the key to having one of those moments
    could be found in my mess!Thanks!
    Mark recently posted..Why You Might Want To Seriously Consider Hiring A Lion Tamer As Your Next Marketing Consultant!Part Two

    • Llyane

      Oh, the moment of inspiration is right under that mess :)
      The brain only has a certain bandwidth – occupy it with what it sees around physically, and it will not have time to ‘see’ stuff that’s not in your world yet (hence, the inspiration).
      Can’t wait to hear how you feel after the clutter is gone!

  • What perfect timing to read this!
    I literally sat down at my desk and looked at the few things that shouldn’t be sitting on my desk. Then to actually clear them off, really felt like a relief.

    Yes, sometimes it’s a matter of just doing things straight away, rather than planning for it.

  • I am spending the month of December to clear some hidden clutter and I am feeling so successful – great post – and Merry Christmas!
    Donna L. Ward recently posted..Got A Social Media Mindset?

  • It’s always a great reminder to clear the clutter in our lives to make sure we’ve got space for new thoughts, ideas and “ah-ha’s” as you say. Thanks for this post!
    Lisa Robbin Young recently posted..Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas