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Why Parisian French?

I was asked by students and other people interested: “Is there a big difference between Parisian French and Canadian French? Or are they quite similar? ”

The difference in pronunciation between Quebec French and Parisian French can be quite dramatic, depending on where people learned it.

This goes with all accents and dialects. You will find in the country a thicker accent, very close to a dialect. In Montreal, standard French is much more used. In some French colonies, people learned standard French, proof is that people living in some countries of Africa use a clean, standard language, because that is what they learned there.

Quebec French is a variation of Standard French. What I teach is Parisian, Standard French; once you master this, you can put on any accent on top of it and you would know what you are doing. Moreover, the Standard French is understood by all the French speakers, but if you learn a dialect or a language with a strong accent, you may have problems making yourself understood.

Why Parisian French?

In reality, what everybody calls “Parisian” French is to be accepted as meaning “Standard”, “Without an accent”, “Academic”. The reason I say this is because in Paris the language evolved on its own and it is not exactly academic :) But having the knowledge of the standard language, gives you the leverage to adjust to any accents or variations of the language around the world. Not quite the other way round.

A small observation I made: if you watch TV5 Montreal, which is broadcast internationally, you will see that the presenters use a clean, standard language. When you watch a more local TV show, then it is when the presenters are using a more Quebec accent. The more local, the thicker the accent used.

More on the Parisian (Standard) French on Wikipedia.org:

why parisian french

Because Parisian French relies on rules of pronunciation, knowing it, you will:
1- easily pronounce unknown words
2- learn how to read faster and without help (once you know the few rules of pronunciation)
3- learn how to write faster, as the pronunciation will tell you the spelling
4- make yourself well understood all over the world
5- be able to “put on” any other accent if you so wish

In conclusion, Parisian (standard) French is the one that is well understood all over the world, in the trips you want to make, the bilingual job you want to have, the business contacts you want to make. And I deliver just that: bilingualism. I assist you to access and keep the lifestyle you want to have.

This might give you an idea about the broad horizon that the standard language gives you :)

Take care,

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