1. J’Ouellette® Bilingual Express Back to School Special
(Full Audio-book)

Downloadable digital training program where I designed each of the 19 modules to guide you, step-by-step, how to build your unique learning method, speak with flawless grammar, impeccable pronunciation and turn your current job opportunities as well as business potential around.

Contains 76 audio-lessons (in both MP3 & PDF format), covering the entire J’Ouellette® Intensif program, which means portability and the comfort of practicing in the car, at the Gym, during your jogging routine.

Each lesson contains:
- reading & vocabulary
- grammar
- exercises & exercises solution
- dictée & dictée solution

A total of 19 hours of audio lessons, from beginner to high intermediate/advanced level (B2/C1).

BONUS #1: 8 1-on-1 Skype hours (a value of $480) that you can use whenever you need my help – they never expire!
BONUS #2: J’Ouellette® Génie verbale (a value of $49.99) 52-verb video collection (see details below)


Ends August 31
“I have found the lessons to be very helpful in the areas of increasing vocabulary and grammatical competence, tuning my ear to better understand spoken french, strengthening my reading comprehension, and improving my pronunciation. The teacher speaks very clearly and very well. Emulating the teacher’s pronunciation is an excellent exercise. Like any endeavor, you must put time and effort into your language studies. With J’Ouellette, I have never felt that I was wasting either one.” ~ Troy Teague
2. J’Ouellette® Génie Verbale
(Top 52 French verbs – video lessons)

Downloadable digital training program containing the top 52 most commonly used French verbs, in video format, one for each week of the year.

The verbs are conjugated at 6 most important tenses: présent, passé composé, futur simple, imparfait, plus-que-parfait, conditionnel.

Practice one conjugation every day of the week (Sunday is free!), and become the French verb conjugation Genius, the go-to Guru on the block!

Here are your verbs:
ER: Acheter, Aimer, Aller, Appeler, Arriver, Chanter, Danser, Envoyer, Jeter, Jouer, Manger, Oublier, Parler, Tomber, Travailler; IR: Choisir, Courir, Dormir, Finir, Grandir, Mourir, Ouvrir, Partir, Réussir, Sortir, Tenir, Venir; OIR: Avoir, Devoir, Falloir, Pouvoir, Recevoir, Savoir, Voir, Vouloir; RE: Apprendre, Attendre, Boire, Connaître, Croire, Dire, Être, Faire, Lire, Mettre, Naître, Peindre, Prendre, Résoudre, Rire, Vivre.


3. J’Ouellette® Vidéo Accéléré
Want to make it super fast? (95 video-lessons)

  • The ENTIRE Accelerated French method, which gives you all the vocabulary, grammar, reading, pronunciation and ear gymnastics needed to be able to reach a high intermediate level

    - 95 videos – 15 min. video time each (watch 1 video/day)
    - BONUS: 5 x 1-on-1 Skype classes (for initial questions and orientation, as well as final touches when you are done with the program)
    - Reading, Grammar, Dictée, Exercices (text and voice reading, including solutions), Ear Gymnastics, Conversation

    Lifetime access to the videos & your tutor – you are never on your own!

  • $759.00

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