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How to have a romantic Christmas

romantic christmas
So, when was the last time you screamed from the top of your lungs « Oh, là-là ! » ?

I’m not asking when was the last time you felt like doing it, no! But when did you actually do it, without worrying that someone around will frown when seeing that you are ‘too’ happy? It was so long ago, you have forgotten?

Is there a place in the world where being happy, and showing it to the world, is not inappropriate?

Read the article below to find out how close you are to that place, and watch the video for some French you won’t forget.

(This week: the verb OUBLIER – to forget)

How can a place be the most romantic in the world?

How can a city be an embodiment of such a general concept?

Or maybe more importantly, what is wrong with every other place on earth that allows for such an idea to exist?

I’m talking, of course, of Paris. The city of love. I’m lying, I’m not talking about Paris. Not directly.

I’ve come across an interesting tidbit lately. It said that couples who vacation in Paris hold hands and are generally more romantic with each other than when they’re home.

We seem to forget about romance when we come back home.

Call it circumstantial at best if you wish, but ask anyone who has vacationed in Paris and they’ll tell you that there’s much more things like hand-holding there than much anywhere else.

It’s what Paris is for, the romantic getaway. Gone seem to be the days where home is where the heart is. Now we find our hearts only when we’re on vacation.

The reasons for this may be many, but I wouldn’t jump on the “busy life at home” bandwagon. Cynicism is the greatest culprit here. The “I need to protect myself from pain” and the “I’ve been hurt too many times to believe in love” crowd is popular back home. We don’t aim for the stars because the moon broke our hearts, so we remain in the stratosphere of “safe” relationships and go on vacations to show that we care, but the farce is nowhere as strong back home when there’s no Eiffel Tower to quicken our hearts a little.

Some of us are brave. I’d love to hope that we are in the majority, and perhaps we are, those who have learned to aim for perfection because screw what society says, we believe in it. Our own personal perfection in another who compliments our existence enough to make Paris nice, but unnecessary. We wake up to our own Eiffel Tower every morning back home.

And that is worth fighting, waiting for and believing in.

by Daniel @ zenpolitics

photo credit: A.G. Photographe

This is why I created the Club « Oh, là-là ! », so that you have a place where you can be happy where you are, and share it with others, or you can set the foundation to plan a trip to Paris and say your « Oh, là-là ! » from your favorite bridge over Seine.

If you want to have more « Oh, là-là ! » moments, join the Club – we are just a few days away from opening registrations – and have your « Oh, là-là ! » life whether at home or in Paris!

What better time to do this than Christmas?

Now it is your turn!

Tell us in the comments below, what are the places that give you « Oh, là-là ! » moments?

Make sure you watch the Learn Parisian French – verb OUBLIER (to forget) on Youtube! While you’re there, and if you like it, please click the ‘Like’ button!

Don’t ever give up on your dream to become bilingual – the world needs your enthusiasm when you go to Paris and fully enjoy it!

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26 comments to How to have a romantic Christmas

  • We still have a lot of romance and “oh, la, la” in our relationship. We have been married for almost 13 years, but friends for roughly 20 years! We still break out in random dancing, smooches, and so forth. We hold hands when we are out, as well as in the house. We also make sure we show our children that we still romance each other because we feel it’s important to remember!
    Heather recently posted..It would be easier to give up … BUT

    • Llyane

      This is… wow, Heather, so few people believe that romance is a great value to teach the children. Most consider romance for themselves, but yes, it’s something to show to the children too. Nice touch! :)

  • Love this articles Llayne. My wife and I spent our first year being together in Paris, it was amazing and yes very romantic. We havent been able to make it back in the past 10 years but hope to soon. Instead we have gone to the Paris hotel in Las Vegas and the France pavilion in Disney World, trying some how to relive our moments there :)
    Kyle Nelson recently posted..Office Ergonomics – Be Comfortable at Your Computer

    • Llyane

      Hi, Kyle
      Happy you liked it!
      It is better than nothing, for sure, but it just reminds you how imperfect the copies are, no? ;)

  • Hi Llyane,

    Oh I have those Oh, la la moments all the time with my husband. We can be walking in town, and share a passionate kiss or strolling on the beach embracing each other. Oh la la Not bad for a couple in their late 50’s he he he.

    Do I care who is around and what they think? Never!

    donna merrill recently posted..Blogging In 2015

    • Llyane

      Bravo, Donna !
      I don’t see too many couples like this in my town :)

  • Lyane,

    I love your club Ou la la (can’t add the accents here). Ever since I moved to South Florida and live right at the ocean, I have not felt a desire to travel as an escape. Florida at the beach, dining at a restaurant on the ocean, smelling the ocean air, is all romantic with a loving partner. My home looks like a Mediterranean villa, so for me it is my own Club Ou Law La.


    Dr. Erica
    Dr. Erica Goodstone recently posted..Do You Know The Secret For Creating A Long Lasting Happy Relationship?

    • Llyane

      Beautiful! It is what the Club « Oh, là-là ! » is all about anyway: to create your own space, wherever you happen to be in the world. If anyone needs some inspiration, we are here to welcome you and give you the nudge – the rest is all up to you ;)

  • I’ve never been to Paris, but I’ve been to the Paris in Las Vegas. We’ve got our own Eiffel Tower. It’s not the same, I know, but it’s only a block from the Statue of Liberty, which is also French. Merry Christmas! Joyeux noël!
    Zach recently posted..Contract Elements: Acceptance

    • Llyane

      Maybe you’ll give yourself the gift of a few days to Paris – France, Zach. It’s amazing how changed are all people who travel. Joyeux Noël à vous aussi ! :)

  • Llyane

    Great article and great video, I suspect there are many people who need to put some romance back in their lives. Paris is a beautiful city. Thanks for sharing.


    PS. William – Tres Bon mon Ammiee
    Andy Lockhart recently posted..Video Killed the Radio Star

    • Llyane

      Thanks for stopping by, Andy, mon ami ! :)

  • I enjoyed watching your video. Although I love Paris and holding hands, I can experience romantic moments just about any place.
    Rachel Lavern recently posted..12 Days to Get Your Online Biz Booming: Day 2

    • Llyane

      Lovely, Rachel :)

  • Children always yell and show their emotions easily, but as adults we look around so that we don’t embarrass ourselves. Thanks for the reminder to have fun and enjoy life. I like your video, I’m at level 0 with my french. Oh I remember some french lol -my elementary teacher taught us this song “Frère Jacques, Frère Jacques, Dormez-vous? Dormez-vous?-Are you sleeping?
    Siphosith recently posted..Here’s What I Know About How To Generate Targeted Leads Using Twitter

    • Llyane

      It’s one of the songs that comes to mind most often, Siphosith :)

      « …Sonnez les matines, sonnez les matines
      Ding dang dong, ding dang dong. »

  • Llyane,

    Que la paix et l’amour soit toujours avec vous!

    Je aime ne importe quel endroit avec ma femme de 20 ans. Nous trouvons partout nous sommes bénis d’être ensemble, le meilleur endroit romantique. Ce est dans le cœur et la perception qui compte. Pas l’emplacement physique. Changez votre perception et tout va rentrer dans le rang.

    Merci encore pour un autre voyage à travers la romance. Ce est un moment émouvant dans nos vies. Pour être en mesure de partager avec vous, faire ce voyage d’autant plus intéressant!

    English version:

    May peace and love always be with you!

    I love any location with my wife of 20 years. We find anywhere we are blessed to be together, the best romantic place. It is in the heart and perception that matters. Not the physical location. Change your perception and all will fall in line.

    Thank you again for another journey through romance. This is a moving time in our lives. To be able to share it with you, make this journey all the more interesting!
    William Amis recently posted..Got To Have A Beginning

    • Llyane

      It is my great pleasure to transport you in the arms of romantic Paris – or wherever that inspires you to go and find your own. I took the liberty to correct your French version (I hope this will be beneficial to you and others who will read your comment :)

      « Que la paix et l’amour soit toujours avec vous !

      J’aime n’importe quel endroit avec ma femme de 20 ans. Nous trouvons que nous sommes bénis d’être ensemble, alors partout est le meilleur endroit romantique. C’est ce qui est dans le cœur et c’est la perception qui compte. Pas l’emplacement physique. Changez votre perception et tout va s’aligner.

      Merci encore pour un autre voyage à travers la romance. C’est un moment émouvant dans notre vie. En étant en mesure de le partager avec vous, fait ce voyage d’autant plus intéressant ! »

  • Bonjour Llyane,
    thank you for the reminder to enjoy and also express our joy.

    Your video is so melodic.
    I think I would prefer on on remembering!

    Hope you have a very enjoyable Christmas!
    Yorinda Wanner recently posted..Empathy versus Sympathy

    • Llyane

      Happy you enjoyed it, Yorinda!

  • Beautiful post as always! and love your video Llyane!
    And your own attitude is setting the atmosphere!
    Donna L. Ward recently posted..Want Social Networking Explained?

    • Llyane

      Thank you, Donna, lovely seeing you here, as always! ;)

  • First of all I absolutely love your instructional video Llyane!

    And your point is well taken about basically setting the atmosphere for making any and everywhere more Paris like!

    You shouldn’t always have to be in extremely exotic location like Paris, in order to feel the need to be more romantic with your spouse and or significant etc.

    And even though I currently can’t speak a word of french, I love the way words sound.

    I think that’s the other reason I really enjoyed your video! Thanks for sharing your thoughts!
    Mark recently posted..While Your Major Competitors Are Coasting During The Holiday Season You Should Be Ramping Up!

    • Llyane

      We can definitely make our own current environment more Paris-like. Then, who knows, it won’t be called ‘Paris-like’ anymore, but ‘Mark-like’ ;)

  • Llyane! Thank you for sharing that article about Paris and why we don’t hold hands more elsewhere… it really is an interesting question to ponder… I say it’s the state of mind of Parisians, which like the flu and success, must be rather contagious. Can’t wait until I can arrive in Paris in oh lala fashion myself :)
    victoria m. recently posted..10 success quotes to welcome 2015 with a BANG!

    • Llyane

      I’d like to be there, and see your Oh, là-là moments, Victoria ;)