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Stuck at the same level? Ran out of time? Had enough of changing methods and courses?

Welcome to J’Ouellette® Method, that gives you understanding of the language and a perfect Parisian pronunciation!

Give me 1 month and I’ll give you the confidence of a flawless pronunciation.
Give me 3 months and you’ll never hate grammar again.
Give me 5 – CONGRATULATIONS! You are Bilingual!


J’Ouellette® Tête-à-tête (Easter Special)
Private Skype 1-on-1 classes
Conversation, grammar, pronunciation, exercises, ear gymnastics

  • LEVEL: anywhere from absolute beginner, to high advanced
  • ONE-OFF (tutoring, learning strategies, coaching): $60/hr
  • Group of 15 classes: $30/hr - BONUS: 3 FREE classes
  • $540.00

    18 Skype Classes

    J’Ouellette® Intensif
    Intensive Program – Bilingual in 5 Months
    - Become bilingual and Stay bilingual (get there 5 times faster)

  • My unique formula of 1-on-1 Private French language lessons reinforced by online video-lessons. Suited for you, the busy traveling professional, who wants a guarantee to finally fully express your ideas and opinions in French.
  • LEVEL: Guarantees a solid High Intermediate to Advanced level
  • $14.90 /lesson
    $1,699 for 114 lessons

    You’ll never need another French coach: get fluent in Parisian French and stay fluent with FREE lifetime access to your lessons and your coach.

    Not sure which program to choose?

    Drop me a line and I’ll explain in detail each program!
    You may also want to ask about our Referral Program and the Testimonials Giveaway!


    All the downloadable products currently available can be found in our Boutique.

    1. During the year, I offer an Exclusive French Immersion Retreat in Paris, a one-week trip to Paris, when you will speak French for up to 6 hours/day, personally coached by me. Click here to put yourself on the waiting list.

    2. Four times a year (every season), I organize a fun and entertaining Contest, with giveaways and special offers – you don’t want to miss it! Put your name down to find out when the new contest is up – almost everybody wins something ;)

    3. When I hold a free Live webinar, you want to be there, and ask questions that otherwise you don’t have a chance to do. Don’t miss the next webinar, I can’t wait to get to know you and help you!


    Come work with me – we’ll have fun! :)
    cordialement Llyane

    Why Parisian (standard) French?
    Because you will be well understood all over the world, in the trips you want to make, the bilingual job you want to have, the business contacts you want to make. Parisian French lessons also help you read and write faster than you thought possible.

    After this 5-month program, you can consider yourself bilingual, as you will have all the necessary elements to reach a high intermediate level of conversation (results vary depending on your initial level and the time of practice you invest). While I support you through your language learning all the way to the advanced and academic level (including an immersion retreat), don’t forget that it takes years to become fluent in a language. Enjoy the ride! :)

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