“Llyane is an excellent teacher and available when you need her the most. I’ve experienced a dramatic improvement in my French.”
~ Aaron

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What exactly you need to do to be Immersion-ready?

French language virtual rendez-vous

Contact me for a free rendez-vous, where I’ll help you with what your biggest challenges with the French language are that keep you from being fluent.

We’ll layout a plan for the next few months, so that you can see real results and never having to be frustrated again by how you handle your French.

You’ll learn what you have to do to be ready to immerse yourself in the Parisian language with natives and be able to communicate well enough to get by.

I will teach you:

1. The rule of pronunciation that nobody knows that, once you learn, you get way closer to being immersion-ready even if you don’t consider yourself fluent yet.

2. My 3-step technique to get you thinking in French, even if you’re just a beginner so you’re immersion-ready.

3. How to make conversation confidently with the vocabulary you already have.


What should you do?

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2. Book a Free 55-minute introductory rendez-vous via Skype (if I have any openings, you will receive the link to my calendar, after you submit this form).

Please include details about your background (exposure to the French language), as well as your goals in the level of French and when would you like to reach it by.

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Merci beaucoup, I’ll see you on Skype :)