“Llyane has been great to work with, and you will get as much progress out of it as you’re willing to put in. Effort doesn’t guarantee results in every part of life, but I’d say that working with Llyane has been a sure thing. My only regret is that I didn’t start with her sooner.”
~ Jerry

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It took me 730 hours, it will take you ONLY 4!

french pronunciation

So, I love driving, and the time spent in the car, driving between my French classes could be put at good use.

I had a language coach who helped me with my pronunciation, but she moved on the other Coast, and now I was on my own.

So, I got a Berlitz CD and played it for 2 hours every day for 2 years. Every day means exactly that: every day. When I calculated […]

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Is perfect bilingualism attainable?

bilingualism attainable

So these days the topic of bilingualism is very popular.

If you ask yourself “is perfect bilingualism attainable”, that means that you’re still learning.

You may have heard that there are more definitions for bilingualism, and I’m going to show you what are the ways other people see it, and then I’ll share with you what I came up with, a view that can help you attain higher levels […]

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Why you shouldn’t go on a French immersion

french immersion

So French immersions are very hot these days.

You may be convinced that an immersion can fix any language problem, because it would force you to manage the language in the absence of the option to communicate in English.

However, this thinking may get you in trouble on a personal level and on a professional level, if you are looking to acquire the language to use it in business.

Below is my video answer […]

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Are French genders a mystery for you? Watch this!

french genders

So genders seem to be a very popular topic among francophiles.

In English, nouns don’t have genders, so it may be difficult to adjust to the French way.

However, if you think that German and Latin have 3 genders, you may feel a little better.

Here is my video answer to the number one concern of one of the members of my conversation Facebook group: “My number one frustration while learning French […]

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Not hearing all the words when the French speak to you? Do this!

french speak So, Spring is here, and everybody prepares for their next adventure in France.

I received this question from Denis, in my Facebook group:

“Hearing and understanding French conversation at normal speed is a challenge. I understand a lot if spoken slowly and can read French quite well. What can I do to improve my ability to hear French in conversation?”

This is a question that comes to me very frequently, in different forms. Even yesterday, from […]

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This is the point where you’ll be good in French

good french So, I received this question from Habib in the Duolingo French Facebook group:

“At what point do you think a person can say they started becoming good in French?

1. Is it good to be able to convey an understandable idea regardless of the grammar?
2. What are the most used verb tenses in the French language that a foreigner should know (and conjugate correctly)?”

Read on and watch the video below, to […]

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