“Llyane is an excellent teacher and available when you need her the most. I’ve experienced a dramatic improvement in my French.”
~ Aaron

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One year in, and still unpacking…

habit Just mounted a clock i the washroom today, and had enough silence to notice that the clock in my office didn’t have a battery: it has been still for one full year, in a house where I live and work.

It amazes me.

Where did the time go, why haven’t I feel home for this entire year? I was so distracted by the renovation noises, that a basic thing like this went unnoticed. Me, who otherwise […]

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Register to the Summer Contest: Concours parisien d’été: Jour de la Bastille 2017

french summer contest Hey, hey!

Welcome to J’Ouellette® Concours d’été 2017! :)

How would you like to win an amazing 8 week Parisian experience that prepares you inside and out for your next trip to the City of Light?

This is our 10th contest, and the more popular this contest gets, the more people are coming to participate, so you should too!

Behind this page, I hid a treasure chest of goodies!

The main […]

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Sing along with the new Piaf

zaz piaf So, I turn my head to see who’s singing.

The evening is young, a little chilly, not too late to take a stroll on the quai de la Seine, les bateaux-mouche moving slowly on the calm, cold water, the color of melted steel.

People gathered around in silence, not making a big fuss about it, but transported into a sweet surrender, because someone was leading the way into love and joy.

French […]

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There’s someone waiting for you in the Versailles gardens

versailles gardens So, we didn’t want to spend the day in Versailles again – we visited the castle in our first immersion – now we had time to go off the beaten path and find places that would surprise us.

Curious to see what we discovered?

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And, as we were more focused on our conversation, our steps led us near the Petit Trianon – an unexpected, wild […]

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Montmartre – culture and language

montmartre culture So, this September, in the French Immersion Retreat 1:1, no matter how we design the menu of activities, Montmartre will be a must.

Here’s the artist and we’ll be his models.Yes, I really did that in 2014 – I’ll look for my portrait and I’ll share it with you, if you’d like.

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From the 8th century when the name was mons Mercori to the […]

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Official announcement: the French Immersion Retreat in Paris is open!

French Immersion Retreat in Paris

So, I’m thrilled to announce that I opened the registrations for the French Immersion in Paris VIP 1:1, for the month of September, 2017!

I know, I know, nobody organizes a 1:1 immersion, so why am I doing it?

Because I’m so passionate about what I do and about helping you to avoid getting stuck and to see you finally making conversation with confidence and fun, that I feel that this is the perfect […]

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