“Llyane has been great to work with, and you will get as much progress out of it as you’re willing to put in. Effort doesn’t guarantee results in every part of life, but I’d say that working with Llyane has been a sure thing. My only regret is that I didn’t start with her sooner.”
~ Jerry

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Sing along with the new Piaf

zaz piaf So, I turn my head to see who’s singing.

The evening is young, a little chilly, not too late to take a stroll on the quai de la Seine, les bateaux-mouche moving slowly on the calm, cold water, the color of melted steel.

People gathered around in silence, not making a big fuss about it, but transported into a sweet surrender, because someone was leading the way into love and joy.

French […]

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There’s someone waiting for you in the Versailles gardens

versailles gardens So, we didn’t want to spend the day in Versailles again – we visited the castle in our first immersion – now we had time to go off the beaten path and find places that would surprise us.

Curious to see what we discovered?

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And, as we were more focused on our conversation, our steps led us near the Petit Trianon – an unexpected, wild […]

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Montmartre – culture and language

montmartre culture So, this September, in the French Immersion Retreat 1:1, no matter how we design the menu of activities, Montmartre will be a must.

Here’s the artist and we’ll be his models.Yes, I really did that in 2014 – I’ll look for my portrait and I’ll share it with you, if you’d like.

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From the 8th century when the name was mons Mercori to the […]

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Official announcement: the French Immersion Retreat in Paris is open!

French Immersion Retreat in Paris

So, I’m thrilled to announce that I opened the registrations for the French Immersion in Paris VIP 1:1, for the month of September, 2017!

I know, I know, nobody organizes a 1:1 immersion, so why am I doing it?

Because I’m so passionate about what I do and about helping you to avoid getting stuck and to see you finally making conversation with confidence and fun, that I feel that this is the perfect […]

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It took me 730 hours, it will take you ONLY 4!

french pronunciation

So, I love driving, and the time spent in the car, driving between my French classes could be put at good use.

I had a language coach who helped me with my pronunciation, but she moved on the other Coast, and now I was on my own.

So, I got a Berlitz CD and played it for 2 hours every day for 2 years. Every day means exactly that: every day. When I calculated […]

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Is perfect bilingualism attainable?

bilingualism attainable

So these days the topic of bilingualism is very popular.

If you ask yourself “is perfect bilingualism attainable”, that means that you’re still learning.

You may have heard that there are more definitions for bilingualism, and I’m going to show you what are the ways other people see it, and then I’ll share with you what I came up with, a view that can help you attain higher levels […]

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