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Traveling for business?

Taking your family on an adventure to somewhere French, for a change?

Going to a fancy restaurant, and want to know how to say it right?


Let me show you how easy it can be.


Come on your first VIP French Immersion in Paris!

I work with successful professionals and business people who wrestle with learning French on their own, and I help you to instead speak Parisian French confidently in your travels and in business, so you can finally enjoy the art of being bilingual.


“Language is a performing art that requires practice, nuance, and personality to convey an idea. Those who master communication master their world.”
~ Michael Schutzler, Forbes



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speak Parisian French on Skype

Parisian French Language Coach, Pronunciation & Conversation Expert
Founder and Creator of the J’Ouellette® Method


As one of my clients said: “You will no longer fear that not trying something new and possibly wonderful will become how you make decisions on similar opportunities in the future, missing out on so many experiences you could enjoy.”